Where we are located: The House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM)

Our location - The House of Logistics and Mobility Frankfurt HOLM - darr mobility concepts

Where you will find us: on the cutting edge of recent developments.

The House of Mobility and Logistics (HOLM) opened in mid-2014 and is located near Frankfurt International Airport in the center of Germany. It is an independent innovation platform for mobility and logistics – and just the place to find a company like darr mobility concepts.

At HOLM, many companies associated with the industry are gathered under one roof. They benefit from an atmosphere of open knowledge-sharing between industry, academia and third parties:

  • Fruitful discussions between experts, scientists, politicians and representatives of civil society
  • Collaboration on application-oriented projects
  • Participation in innovative concepts
  • Fresh answers to the challenges of the 21st century


Timo Darr on choosing HOLM as his company headquarters: “By partnering with HOLM, we can offer our customers not just knowledge transfer, but a head-start when it comes to know-how. This is unique within the industry and ensures that the consulting and process support which darr mobility concepts offers are always state-of-the-art.”


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