Our Philosophy

The philosophy of darr mobility concepts

What we believe in. Because it has proved to be successful.

Our goal is to strengthen the strategic management of mobility in your company. We are convinced that controlling what mobility costs and how it is implemented can only be successful over the long term if you have all the essential parameters. Vital data should come from high-quality, and ideally from your own sources. This allows you, as an effective principal of your partners and service providers, to always maintain control over issues. You remain independent and can thus achieve the best price/performance ratio for your company.

darr mobility concepts offers consulting and supports you in analyzing your requirements and objectives – and in finding a solution to fit your needs. This includes realigning internal processes and choosing suitable partners on the market.

Our extensive procurement expertise is based on many projects of various dimensions which we have carried out during the past decades, and through which we have also established an ever-growing network throughout the entire travel and mobility industry.

Neutrality and independence are key pillars of darr mobility concepts, together with a profound knowledge of the market, and fairness when dealing with partners, suppliers and service providers.

This will benefit you in every project you undertake with darr mobility concepts.


Whitepaper Travel Management: Sicher durch den Carve-Out

Übernehmen Sie die Kontrolle.

Carve-Outs bedeuten Zeit- und Handlungsdruck für ausgegliederte Unternehmen und erfordern aufgrund der begrenzt verfügbaren Zeit ein besonderes Vorgehen.

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