Meetings Management Consulting

Meetings Management Consulting with darr mobility concepts

We help you turn meetings management into a success factor for your company

Meetings, conferences and events are key elements for showcasing your company – and its objectives. Successful events retain customers and employees. Protect and promote these assets which are relevant to your success. And do so at a reduced expense and effort.

darr mobility concepts will support you through:

  • Standardised processes within the company
  • Simple search and booking of suitable venues for conferences and events
  • Efficient organization and communication before, during and after the event
  • Transparent and measurable costs and expenses
  • Best possible procurement conditions
  • Contracts designed to meet your needs
Meeting management standardised process and best providers with darr mobility concepts

A clear overview

We determine your requirements concerning events and meetings. You receive the best provider for you.

darr mobility concepts examines whether existent processes, systems of rules and contracts for organizing meetings fit your needs. Based on that and previously agreed goals, we develop unified, streamlined and coordinated processes across the entire organization (local, regional and global). Our purchase experience and extensive international network give you access to contracts offering the best possible terms.

Planning is not rocket science

We simplify organization of your meetings. You save time and money.

darr mobility concepts analyzes the cost structure of your external meetings and events. We investigate booking, approval and settlement processes, including integration into any existent travel management, and recommend concrete steps toward process and cost optimization. This can also include the introduction of new procedures and systems, as well as development of practical guidelines concerning meetings.

Simplify meetings management with darr mobility concepts
Businessman arriving at hotel for conference

Structure provides transparency

We facilitate searches for, and bookings of, conference and event venues. Your costs of meetings become transparent and controllable.

We examine and audit existent contracts with hotels, seminar / conference organizers, agencies as well as other relevant service providers. If necessary, we support you in bidding processes and (follow-up) negotiations with existent service providers.

About 6 months after implementation, we jointly examine success based on originally defined goals. If necessary, measures for follow-up control are defined and implemented.


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