Timo Darr, darr mobility concepts Management

Timo Darr, the head of darr mobility concepts

As mobility strategist, entrepreneur, and former Lufthansa manager, Timo Darr is the visionary head and founder of darr mobility concepts. Since 2014, his consulting firm has been designing made-to-order mobility concepts for companies – and using customized processes to implement them in house. He likes to call himself a “procurement professional for services related to travel, fleet and events”. This also shows that he has the insight which companies so desperately need these days in order to successfully manage the precious resource ‘mobility’. Read more about what drives and inspires Timo Darr. And how exactly you can benefit from it.

30 years in the travel industry, 10 of them as Head of Global Travel Management & Mobility Services at Lufthansa. Timo Darr helped build this division, gave it direction and drive, and was its head for many years. So it goes without saying that his expertise in the mobility market is unparalleled. During his previous career, the founder of darr mobility concepts learned that perfect mobility management is not just about optimizing costs and services. But that it also heightens the satisfaction of employees and customers. In other words, Timo Darr not only knows how to lower costs – but also how to protect investments, i.e. in valued employees. He discovered the “Company Value Strategy” during this time, learned to use the method instinctively and fostered it to market maturity: All measures by darr mobility concepts are designed so that they strengthen your company values and make them perceptible to the outside world.

For Timo Darr, benefitting customers and acting in their interest ultimately means using all of his expertise to achieve the “best buy” for services that are in demand. His extensive network across the entire mobility industry is a true asset – and one that other service providers just don’t have.

Timo Darr on his independence with regard to procurement: “Many travel agencies, fleet providers, or leasing providers offer mobility consulting. But it’s logical that they cannot be free of self-interest: If possible, every provider tries to sell his own services. But our goal is to implement the client’s objectives: cost reduction + performance optimization – all that against the backdrop of corporate values.”

Clarity. Straightforwardness. Quick thinking and a steady hand when it comes to implementing concepts and projects. A knowledge of processes and markets. These are the qualities that Timo Darr brings to the table when you meet him. And his vision for mobility consulting as he understands it: “Today, companies are more strategically savvy than they were just a few years ago. They no longer need home truths on glossy paper. More often than not, they need experts for special tasks who convey know-how and implement frameworks within the company. That is precisely what darr mobility concepts offers: methodological and strategically superior consulting and change process support – for perfectly managed mobility.”


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