Fleet Management Consulting

Fleet Management Consulting with darr mobility concepts

We help you turn fleet management into a success factor for your company

Fleet management is an extremely sensitive issue. If a company is not in tune with users’ needs, it can quickly negatively impact its relationship with valued employees. That is why flawless performance and reliable services are essential – while at the same time ensuring that the costs remain within reasonable limits.

darr mobility concepts helps you to organize and manage your car fleet as best as possible. This applies not only to company cars for employees, but also to fleets that are made up mainly of functional vehicles. For example through corporate car sharing and the best possible management of pool vehicles.

Benefit from our years of experience in managing even large fleets:

  • Demand-optimized processes and up-to-date car policies
  • Choice of the appropriate degree of vertical integration, and initiation and implementation of business process outsourcing when needed
  • Value-based selection of suitable suppliers
  • Avoidance of economic risks, especially with regard to leasing contracts
Fleet management employee satisfaction with darr mobility concepts

Employee satisfaction sets standards

We create requirement-oriented company-car policies for your company. You receive a sustainable system of rules.

Taking into account the latest developments regarding fleets: In terms of e-mobility, corporate car sharing, digitization and networking, we determine your specific needs and the appropriate solutions. Based on this, darr mobility concepts develops car guidelines which are coordinated across the entire organization and whose practicality produces high compliance with the guidelines.

Clarity instead of confusion

We analyse your requirement profile and volumes. You benefit from consistent processes.

darr mobility concepts analyses the extent and composition of your vehicle and fleet costs. We also investigate all core processes ranging from vehicle ordering through fleet management, driver communication and claims management to vehicle return and final settlement. Based on this, we develop optimized processes and the best possible conditions.

Fleet management clarity with darr mobility concepts
Fleet management controlling and supplier portfolio with darr mobility concepts

Your controller will be pleased

We identify the most favourable supplier for your requirements. You receive the best possible terms.

We examine and audit existent contracts with vehicle manufacturers, dealers, leasing companies and other relevant service providers. While avoiding economic and legal risks, darr mobility concepts creates a closely matched supplier portfolio, and determines the best possible purchasing conditions as well as consistent supply contracts.

About 6 months after implementation, we jointly examine success based on originally defined goals. If necessary, measures for follow-up control are defined and implemented.


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