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darr mobility concepts. Your partner for completely optimized mobility

darr mobility concepts is your partner of choice when it comes to growing the competitive advantage of “optimized mobility”: Regardless of how large your company is, we offer outstanding strategic consulting services and experienced support for process implementation, all from a single source. Our expertise encompasses the three key sectors of corporate mobility: business trips, fleets, and events.

This means that we don’t just suggest specific improvements in the core sectors of your corporate mobility – but remain at your side until all changes have been successfully implemented. Until all employees have been fully informed and trained, all processes have been sustainably streamlined, and costs have been significantly reduced.

During this process, which usually progresses in four steps, you profit from our unique insights into the industry, for example through the use of our own dmc-benchmarking method. And your company consistently benefits from the fact that we are independent procurement professionals: darr mobility concepts has no ties to particular vendors – and that pays off.

Another aspect that you benefit from: darr mobility concepts is a partner of HOLM, the House of Logistics and Mobility, an independent innovation platform for mobility and logistics near Frankfurt International Airport in the center of Germany. This allows darr mobility concepts to be actively involved in projects and knowledge transfer with leading experts from academia and industry – and to incorporate their latest findings into the work we do for your company.

With darr mobility concepts, you profit from our unique strategic and practical expertise. It can help optimize your company’s mobility – and turn it into a factor for long-term success. As darr mobility concepts’ founder and managing director Timo Darr says: “Today, mobility is one of a company’s most vital resources. How it is managed is often a crucial factor in a company’s success. My goal is to make the leverage tools and methods for optimizing mobility which I have identified available to a wide range of customers – whether they be SMEs or larger companies.”


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