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Travel Management Consulting - darr mobility concepts

We help you turn business travel management into a success factor for your company

Professional travel management is defined as the best way to organize business travel and thus support its main objectives: to develop and expand personal networks, collaborate with business partners, and to retain the company’s customers and employees. This is achieved by creating practical travel policies, guaranteeing travelers’ safety, and ensuring the smooth planning and implementation of journeys.

But travel management only turns into a clear competitive edge if it is coupled with optimized costs. darr mobility concepts can help through:

  • Implementation of simple, streamlined processes
  • State-of-the-art tools for organizing, booking and payment of travel services incl. expense management
  • Benchmarkable procurement terms and contracts
  • Transparent travel and spending
  • Globalized guidelines
  • Controllable travel expenses
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Travel planning without obstacles

We design and implement simple processes for planning, booking and settlement of business trips. You save time and money.

darr mobility concepts analyzes the patterns of your travel expenses, and examines booking, approval and settlement processes. In doing so, we determine how processes, regulations and contracts match your needs and business objectives, and recommend concrete measures for process and cost optimization. These are implemented jointly with you if so desired.

Precision landing on your goals

We identify the best solutions for your requirements. You receive the most favourable provider for you.

We examine and audit existent contracts with travel agencies, airlines, hotels and other relevant service providers.

Our independence enables us to find the most economical provider and contract conditions for you worldwide.

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Data give rise to decisions

We make your travel expenses transparent. You assuredly control these expenses.

We analyze your existent data and information sources, and develop an optimal evaluation structure. Because an easily and quickly usable, complete and relevant database is the most important prerequisite for future purchase activities as well as process and cost optimization.

About 6 months after implementation, we jointly examine success based on originally defined goals. If necessary, measures for follow-up control are defined and implemented.


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