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data analytics and business intelligence with darr mobility concepts

Achieve higher savings through more transparency with our data analytics solutions

Many companies are facing the challenge to lower costs for business travel, fleet management and meetings. Therefore, it is important to identify reasonable and appropriate measures or to implement existing objectives in concrete actions. However, the implementation of the right measures is often made more difficult or even prevented by the lack of measurability of success. At the end, there is a risk of losing investments made in elaborating possible solutions and measures.

For this reason, we have developed mobility analytics, an independent business intelligence solution that consolidates and visualizes the key figures from the multitude of available sources. Making effective decisions and targeted implementation possible.

With mobility analytics you benefit from immediate transparency instead of time-consuming data consolidation. Especially with business trips, car fleets and conference expenses, a single look at the ERP system often does not provide the necessary information.

Utilize the potential of your data. And actively reduce your costs by 10% and more.

Our goal is to optimize transparency for companies as regards their business mobility. This enables effective decisions toward corporate success.

Though most companies possess valuable data on business trips, vehicle fleets and conferences, these data often remain unused. Their evaluation is time-consuming and requires expertise.
On the other hand, only the right key figures allow measures to become effective.

Transparency reduces mobility costs with darr mobility analytics
Better decisions with more transparency - mobility analytics

Data give rise to decisions. We provide the right basis for this.

Our mobility analytics business-intelligence solution structures and enhances your data, and determines the right key figures for you.

Data are processed using in-depth expertise, made available in a consistent form, and therefore remain comparable for you over extended periods.

Simple. Quick. Well-founded.

Answers to your questions. At all times. Everywhere.

Business trips. Vehicle fleets. Conferences. All three areas of business mobility are integrated and readily visible. Direct access with mobility analytics.

Data from different departments at your company are combined with reports by your service providers for business trips, vehicle fleets and conferences – independently of your systems and these service providers.

Access to your data at all times, everywhere with darr mobility analytics

Visit the mobility analytics product website and read, how mobility analytics can support you to actively manage your corporate mobility cost.


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